We understand that sustainable software development is a hard task. At Fulcrologic we specialize in technologies that make your full-stack web application as simple as possible. Our core open-source library, Fulcro, is a carefully-designed library built on top of Facebook's React. Our primary aim is making it possible for you to develop software whose internal structure has low technical debt, high performance, and a minimum of complexity. We specialize in providing the structure, engineering team skill development, software architecture advice, and management coaching needed to succeed in the rapidly-evolving field of software for the web.

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Jump-Start Your Project

Fulcrologic can help you get started with a new Fulcro project. We offer design and architecture consulting, team training, and on-site collaborations to get your team off to a great start.

Work with The Company Behind Fulcro

We maintain the complete line of Fulcro libraries, and are here to help. Please contact us to learn more. 

Level Up with Fulcro

We think Fulcro is pretty revolutionary and many of our clients have found that it brings a new level of sanity to their software systems; however, many of the ideas in Fulcro are new to software developers, and this means it will take some time to learn. We can help make sure your team doesn't just use old techniques on top of new technology.