Standard Services

Our rates for our standard services can be found in the table below. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need a written estimate.

 ServiceRate Details
 General Consulting $90 to $150/hrCan include design, architecture, team support, and short-term development. Rate varies by task and contract length.
 Non-commercial NegotiableIndividuals with personal (non-commercial) projects/interests and non-profits are eligible for discounted rates.  Please contact us for more details.
 Fulcro Training $1,000/student*40 hours of hands-on training in Fulcro. Assumes your developers are familiar with Clojure.  Students build a full-stack, internationalized web applications that uses most of the primary features of Fulcro including co-located CSS, SQL integration, internationalization, server-side rendering, and integrating with external libraries like Semantic React UI and Victory Charts.
Fulcro for Beginners $1,000/student*A course for those new to Clojure(script). 40 hours of hands-on training to get developers quickly going with Clojure and Clojurescript. Includes instruction on using IntelliJ, Cursive, Clojure, and Clojurescript. Students will build a full-stack web application with Fulcro.
 Java Consulting $250/hr
Our primary Java-related offering is consulting about existing projects and teams skills.  In particular we can offer training and consulting around improving code structure and testability, which can improve reliability and long-term maintenance costs.

Consulting is invoiced weekly unless otherwise arranged. It is due upon receipt of invoice with a 7-day grace period. Interest charges apply after that.

* There is a 6-student minimum.