Standard Services

Our rates for our standard services can be found in the table below. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need a written estimate.

 ServiceRate Details
 General Consulting $150/hrCan include design, architecture, team support, and short-term development. Billed on 10-minute increments, rounded up.
 Fulcro Training $8,000 (8 student limit)40 hours of hands-on training in Fulcro. Assumes your developers are already well-versed in Clojure and have general skills with the development tools. Students build a full-stack, internationalized web applications that uses most of the primary features of Fulcro including co-located CSS, SQL integration, internationalization, server-side rendering, and integrating with external libraries like Semantic React UI and Victory Charts.
Language/Tool Training $8,000 (8 student limit)40 hours of hands-on training to get developers going quickly with Clojure and Clojurescript. Includes instruction on using IntelliJ, Cursive, Clojure, and Clojurescript. Students will build a full-stack web application with Fulcro.

Consulting is invoiced weekly for short engagements, and monthly otherwise. It is due upon receipt of invoice with a 14-day grace period. Interest charges apply after that.

The student limit on training is to ensure the best experience. Large class size makes it very difficult to ensure everyone gets adequate attention during labs. The limit can be doubled for an additional $2,000 which includes an extra hour a day of instructor availability after class to help ensure everyone gets the help they need.