About Us

Fulcrologic was founded in 2017 by Tony Kay, the principle author and maintainer of the Fulcro libraries. Our goal is to provide ongoing support for the community of users that adopt Fulcro, and to help companies build engineering teams that can successfully leverage it to achieve a higher ROI on their software products.

We have a variety of experienced consultants that can help you with your projects. Our junior consultants are a cost-effective option for adding horsepower to your team on a temporary or even longer-term basis, especially when the tasks require no advanced design or architecture. Our standard consultants have a broader experience base, and are a good choice when you need someone that can work in an environment with more uncertainty. Our senior consultants should be leveraged as early as possible in design and architecture phases of a project. They have a higher rate, but they will typically save you considerably more in the long-run when leveraged at the appropriate times.