Fulcrologic, LLC

Open Source

Fulcrologic provides and maintains a large list of MIT-licensed open-source libraries as a service to the community and our customers. Our primary maintainer, Tony Kay, gladly accepts donations through the GitHub sponsors program for all of the hard work that this entails.


Fulcro is our oldest open-source offering, and is probably also the most well-known. Fulcro allows you to build full-stack React-based Clojure(script) applications for web and native. Fulcro comes with a several-hundred page Developer's Guide, and also has many free training videos to help you get your team up to speed quickly.

Fulcro RAD – Rapid Application Development

Fulcro RAD is an ambitious set of libraries that leverage many years of "lessons learned" related to data-driven forms-based applications to help you build form and report-centric applications with a minimum amount of boilerplate.

It is designed as a plugin-based system that can generate a base UI for forms and reports on any target that is supported by React (web, mobile, or desktop). It is database agnostic, full-stack, and capable of complex federated data modelling.

One of it's most compelling features is that you can easily escape from any aspect of the "automation". RAD doesn't lock you into a particular way of doing things, but instead provides sane defaults to quickly stand up an application that you can refine any way you want.


Guardrails is a fork of the Ghostwheel project. The primary intention of this project is to give you runtime spec-based instrumentation of your programs that can inform you when data flows through your program in an unexpected way. We've been using this for a while now ourselves, and it has saved us countless hours of head-scratching.